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Nothing Gets Through a Fortified Roof


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    Florida’s Strongest Exteriors

    At Fortified Roofing, we work hard, and with exceptional skill, to rejuvenate your home exteriors. Experience the best of all roofing companies in Central Florida. Our superior craftsmanship, legendary customer service, and outstanding products speak for themselves! Fortified is among the most trusted roofing companies in Central Florida. Property owners know that when Fortified is on the job, unmatched quality goes onto their roof.


    Residential Roofing

    When you choose Fortified to install your new shingle, tile, metal, slate or shake roof, you can rest assured you’re getting a top-quality roofing system that will last for decades. We’re not only qualified, we’re fully certified.

    Roof Repairs

    In the wake of a damaging Florida storm, contact Fortified Roofing. We understand the insurance claims process and we’ll assess your loss while assisting you with your insurance claim. Then we’ll create an efficient restoration plan.


    Gutters efficiently shed water from your roof and away from the structural parts of your home, including its foundation. The lifespan of your roof depends on a properly functioning gutter system and Fortified knows how to do it right.

    Roof Inspections

    Fortified can inspect your roof for wear and tear, storm damage, and any problems which are not apparent to the untrained eye. Knowing your roof is in good shape means knowing your property value is at its highest!

    Metal Roofing

    One of the hottest trends in home design, metal roofing requires special skills and tools. Fortified knows the best metal roofing type, gauge, and installation method for your project.

    Commercial Roofing

    We’re Central Florida’s commercial roofing pros, too. We bring the experience you need for your flat or sloped roofs– apartment buildings, schools & churches, municipal buildings, offices and retail establishments.

    Our Customers Rate Us
    Above Other Roofing Companies

    Why Choose Us...

    Integrity, Value, Honesty, &Commitment to Doing the Right Thing!

    Fortified Roofing realized long ago that to earn our clients trust, we always needed to be fair and honest. It goes without saying that high quality work and superior materials are also key to our customers’ satisfaction. We’re the Orlando roof company that combines great work, great products and attentive customer service to realize great results, everyday.

    Your Home’s Future

    Contact the best Orlando roofing contractor, today and get started fortifying your home with a Fortified roof!

    Mission Statement

    The mission of Fortified Roofing is to deliver the highest quality results in roof replacement, repair, gutters, and other exterior services for homes and commercial properties. When nature is at her worst–we’re at our best, making sure your insurance company knows the full impact of your storm damage. Together, let’s get the full replacement or repair value you deserve. If we don’t exceed our customers’ expectations we don’t satisfy our own.

    Central Florida. Are You Hurricane-Ready?

    Is Metal Roofing Good for Homes & Buildings in Orlando?

    There’s a reason why roofing Orlando FL contractors are installing more and more metal roofs on Central Florida homes. When properly engineered and installed, metal roofing is widely recognized for its outstanding performance in hurricane conditions. If you’re considering replacing your asphalt shingle or tile roof with a sleek new metal roof, make sure you choose a roofing contractor, like Fortified, that knows what they’re doing. Metal roof installation is a special skill requiring experience and training.

    Why the Metal Roof-Mania?

    The residential market for metal roofing is growing, as Central Florida, including Orlando property owners, begin to realize how architecturally appealing metal roofs can be in today’s wide range of types, colors, and coatings. More importantly, architects, homeowners, and home builders spec metal roofing because of its energy-efficiency and lifespan, promising decades of high performance and long-term savings.

    Metal Roofing is in Vogue

    When it comes to design, Metal roofing is versatile…If a home or building has a curved or otherwise unconventional roof shape, metal can be fashioned to fit it, because metal can be custom fabricated. This versatility combined with metals intrinsic benefits—durability, color variety, sustainability, and strength— motivates architects, builders, and property owners to select metal roofing for building projects of distinction.

    Central Florida Ranch &
    Citrus Grove Roofing

    The greater Orlando area is an agriculture wonderland full of horse and cattle ranches, and vast areas bursting with orange trees. Fortified constructed metal roofing for barns, sheds, and warehouses. Agricultural structures traditionally use an exposed fastener or lap seam profile, which is when the ends of the panels overlap each other and have sealant or exposed fasteners holding the two panels together.

    Metal Makes Large
    Structures Strong

    Metal panel roofing is popular on expansive structures with open framing on which the roofing is attached directly to the frame or purlins ( beams added to the roof frame). Typical examples of such expensive buildings in Central Florida and Orlando are, distribution centers, factories, and storage structures.

    Metal–The Shape of Things to Come

    Property owners are gravitating toward metal roofing because it gives a sleek, contemporary look across many different styles of architecture and among the product choices appropriate for a wide variety of roof shapes. Roofing Orlando FL protects every style of home, from traditional homes, like tudor and colonial, to more contemporary styles; to charming cottages and lakefront vacation properties, to modern buildings, as well as classic brick & mortar establishments. Plus, metal roofing can be applied to any roof originally covered with conventional shingles or tiles.

    Metal Roofing Provides a Clean, “Fitted,” Color-Coordinated Look

    Metal roofing can be easily cut and customized for placement around chimneys, dormer windows and porch overhangs, and when expertly installed, the lightweight, fire-resistant, and eat reflecting qualities of metal roofing helps keep homes and businesses, beautiful, weather resistant, warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

    Frequently Asked Questions of Roofing Companies

    Sometimes, this answer is obvious: a hole in your roof, missing shingles, leaks, or critters, like squirrels have burrowed in your attic. Other times, the signs you need a new roof are more subtle. If your roof is more than 12-15 years old, it may be time to get a replacement and get ahead of any problems that result from a damaged roof. At the very least, contact Fortified Roofing for a roof inspection.

    The longevity of your roof will depend on its materials, its installation, and how well your roof ventilation is functioning, so it’s hard to give a definitive answer. Again, typically a solid, well-constructed roof will last between 12-15 years. Depending on the quality and type of shingles you chose and the underlayment of your roof, that number can go up to 30 or more.

    Every roof is different, so every roof costs a different amount. When considering the price of your new roof, Fortified Roofing of Central Florida will take a few factors into consideration: size, old roof removal, style, shape, materials, and other features like chimneys, skylights, and vents that they need to work around. Replacing a roof is a big investment, and for us to give you a quote without examining your unique situation would not be in your best interest. However, once we calculate the price of your new roof, there are ways to finance the project, making paying for your roof replacement easy and affordable.

    According to Better Homes and Gardens, remarkably 40% of a home’s curb appeal depends on the condition and aesthetic of the roof. When selling your home, if your roof is in bad shape or in need of major repairs or a replacement, you may have a lot of trouble getting people to consider your asking price.

    No one wants to buy a new home only to face major repairs shortly after they move it. Replacing your roof before you sell can help you get ahead of trouble while still recouping most, if not all, of the costs when you sell.

    Still More Questions?

    Contact the roof experts at Fortified Roofing to learn more about our options, offers, and to request an estimate.

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