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Fortified’s FREE Roof Inspections

Fortified Roofing will inspect your home for any and all signs of damage. Our unrivaled roofing pros can spot hardest-to-find roof conditions issues. A Fortified roof inspection can help determine if an insurance claim can be filed. A regular roof inspection is also a good idea in terms of preventative care. When we’re able to address a minor roof issue with a simple fix, you’ll save on the far higher expenses associated with leak repair, rotted roof deck repair, and major roof restoration needs brought about by neglecting your roof for too long.

What’s in a Fortified Roof Inspection Report?

Fortified Roofing’s comprehensive roof inspections accurately provide measurements and diagrams of your roof, its material composition, estimated age, and more. Fortified Roofing provides helpful and important advice on roof issues in need of roofing repair in the short-term, and developing conditions that might pose a problem in the near future.

Manufacturer Warranties are Limited

Roofing manufacturers’ warranties can range from 10 to 50 years, depending on the certification level of the installer and the optional extended warranties often sold with a new roof. Since Fortified Roofing is certified by numerous roofing brands, you are assured of a maximum standard warranty because our manufacturers know we’re going to install their products the right way. However, standard warranties are limited and apply mainly to product defects, leading to premature wear. Although extended warranties are available, most property owners don’t elect to purchase one. That’s why Fortified Roofing advises clients to have their roofs inspected periodically to spot problems before they worsen into major roof repair needs.

Let Fortified Roofing Handle Your Roof Repair Needs

Severe weather events are a part of life in Orlando, Orange County and across Florida’s Citrus Belt. Fortified Roofing knows what Mother Nature can do to home exteriors in our communities and we’re always prepared to dispatch our expert repair team when nature strikes. Fortified can extend the life of your roof with high-quality repairs and fair and affordable prices.
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